Tabitha Smith

Ana Mulvoy-Ten playing Tabitha Smith

Tabitha Smith is a high schooler and the main protangonist of the 2015 science fiction film, Mystical. She is portrayed by Ana Mulvoy-Ten.



Tabitha is a kind sweetheart.




When Tabitha was a girl, she lives in a city where her parents live there. One day, after her school day, she walked down to the woods and found an amulet. But, a stranger said everytime the person wear the amulet, it gives the wearer supernatural powers. She was not amused as she walked away. Then, hours later, at the hospital, Tabitha felt bad about her dad because he died of his injury after getting shot by one of the robbery at their house, Her mother was sad, too. At his funeral, her mother told Tabitha that the amulet belongs to her. While walking through the woods, she found a boy who is kidnapped by the monster as she fought against it. She used her magical powers to defeat the monster as she summoned her sword and slayed it. After the monster was defeated, she caught the boy into her arms, who turned out to be Brandon Powell. Brandon asked where the amulet comes from and she said it was from the woods.


Young Tabitha Smith

Avery Phillips playing young Tabitha Smith




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