Saberblade is a 2016 comedy science fiction fantasy cast ensemble film directed by James Cameron, director of the Terminator.


A group of adults are visited from another dimension to learn themselves a lesson.



  • Ellie Kemper as Anna Watterson
    • TBA as Young Anna
    • TBA as Teenage Anna
    • TBA as Young Adult Anna
  • Tobey Maguire as Carl Harper, Anna's love interest since high school
    • TBA as Young Carl
    • TBA as Teenage Carl
    • TBA as Young Adult Carl
  • Johnny Galecki as Carter Watterson, Anna's brother
    • TBA as Young Carter
    • TBA as Teenage Carter
    • TBA as Young Adult Carter
  • TBA as Emma Rayne
    • TBA as Young Emma Rayne
    • TBA as Teenage Emma Rayne
    • TBA as Young Adult Emma Rayne
  • TBA as Cindy Roberts
    • TBA as Young Cindy Roberts
    • TBA as Teenage Cindy Roberts
    • TBA as Young Adult Cindy Roberts
  • TBA as Gertrud Beckman, Anna's ex-husband
    • TBA as Young Gertrud Beckman
    • TBA as Teenage Gertrud Beckman
    • TBA as Young Adult Gertrud Beckman
  • TBA as Nathan Carayannopoulos
    • TBA as Young Nathan Carayannopoulos
    • TBA as Teenage Nathan Carayannopoulos
    • TBA as Young Adult Nathan Carayannopoulos
  • TBA as Jo-ann Akcay
  • TBA as Abbey Watterson, Anna's daughter
  • TBA as Joseph Watterson, Anna's son
  • TBA as Melisandra Gonski
  • TBA as Reginald King
  • TBA as TBA
    • TBA as Young TBA
    • TBA as Teenage TBA
  • TBA as Moises Donne
    • TBA as Young Moises Donne
    • TBA as Teenage Moises Donne
  • TBA as TBA
    • TBA as Young TBA
  • TBA as TBA
    • TBA as Young TBA
  • TBA as Pembroke Sheehan
    • TBA as Young Pembroke Sheehan
    • TBA as Teenage Pembroke Sheehan
  • TBA as TBA
  • TBA as TBA


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