Identity Report is 2015 science fiction thriler film. This films stars


In the future, two people on the run after their idenity mistaken as two deceased criminal who look like the same and was shot dead and they found out they are clone to one of the deceased people and found out their past.



  • Ethan Hawke as Vincent Wayne/Luke Freeman
  • January Jones as Teresa Martin/Ava Lively
  • Cillian Murphy as Leo Thomas
  • Caitlin Carmichael as Erica Lively/Vincent and Teresa's biological daughter
  • Kevin Spacey as Howard Martin/Teresa's father
  • Julianne Moore as Julie Martin/Teresa's mother and Howard's wife
  • Jensen Ackles as Connor Martin/Teresa's brother
  • Anna Kendrick as Lori Martin/Teresa's 26 years old sister and a mother
  • Chace Crawford as Joey Wallace/Lori's boyfriend and Jacob's father
  • Jake Vaughn as Jacob Martin/Lori and Joey's 5 years old son
  • TBA as Detective Simon Morgan
  • TBA as Detective Rhonda Miller

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