Hybrids is a 2016 science fiction thriller film directed by and produced by



  • Chris Pine as David
  • Justin Long as Tim finster
    • Tyler Mazzei as young Tim (age 9)
    • Michael Strusievici as teen Tim (age 16)
  • Imogen Poots as Tammy Roberts
    • Avery Phillips as Young Tammy (age 7)
    • Willow Shields as Teen Tammy (age 13)
  • Sasha Spielberg as Maisy Finditch
    • Caitlin Charmichael as Young Maisy (age 10-11)
    • Bailee Madison as Teen Maisy (age 16)
  • Devon Bostick as Leo Oak
    • Owen Bento as Young Leo (age 7-8)
    • Zachary Gordon as Teen Leo (age 12-13)
  • Taylor Momsen as Carmen Bright
    • Ava Kolker as Young Carmen (age 5)
    • Alexa Gerasimovich as Teen Carmen (age 13-14)
  • Kristen Stewart as Emma
  • Megan Fox as Lilian
  • Max Charles as James Finditch
  • Ryan Reynolds as Richard Finster
  • Alison Brie as Kristen Finster
    • Ashley Boettecher as young Kristen (age 12-13)


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