High School Passion is a science fiction comedy family film directed by Alfonso Cuarón, director of a Little Princess.


A girl meets up with some weird powers after wearing the amulet and taking it to school in a younger pre-teen age.



  • TBA as Sadie Remano
    • Leah Catherine Thompson as young Sadie Remano (age 9)
  • TBA as Bella Conorell
    • Tatum Jade as young Bella Conorell (age 11)
  • TBA as Felicity Robbins
    • Colby Etheridge as young Felicity Robbins (age 10)
  • TBA as Casey
    • Chloe Ewing as young Casey (age 11)
  • TBA as Lila
  • Parker Bolek as Jackson
  • Sal Pandolfo Jr. as Joseph
  • Danielle Parker as Savannah
  • TBA as the Visitor
  • TBA as Emily
  • TBA as Brian
  • Kelly Anne Sweeney as Meghann
  • TBA as James
  • Poppy Lee Friar as Jenna
  • Honor Kneafsey as Hannie
  • TBA as Stephan
    • Kyle Catlett as young Stephan
  • TBA as TBA, the main antagonist


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