Godzilla: Evolution is 2017 science fiction adventure monster film. It is the third Godzilla film to be fully filmed by an American studio and this films stars Ethan Hawke, Jessica Chastian, Scott Speedman, Josh Brolin, Dakota Johnson and Mark Wahlberg


In the years of 2019. A CIA agent and a reporter found a giant lizard who try to kill them called Godzilla. They found out Godzilla going to attacked New York city and discovers the truth.



  • Ethan Hawke as Agent Danny Lovato
  • Jessica Chastain as Andrea Simmons
  • Scott Speedman as Agent Harry Ward
  • Josh Brolin as Tyler Mitchell/Lovato/A criminal locked for 28 years and Danny's brother
  • Dakota Johnson as Molly Simmons/Andrea's youngest sister
  • Mark Wahlberg as Agent Duncan Lovato/Danny and Tyler's brother
  • Anne Heche as Dr. Jackie Brooks/A doctor who help people
  • Idris Elba as Colonel Germain Bailey
  • Marg Helgenberger as Stella Simmons/Andrea and Molly's mother
  • Griffin Kane as Bobby Simmons/Molly's 6 years old son and Andrea's nephew
  • Jessica Stroup as Gwen Boyle/Danny's lover when he was a marine died 6 years ago
  • Indigo as Aaliyah Walker/Andrea's friend
  • Keke Palmer as Hannah Bailey/Colonel Bailey's daughter
  • Brandon T. Jackson as Agent Leo Stevens
  • Ryan Phillippe as Sebastian Turner/Andrea's boss

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